About Ninerboyz


We at http://www.ninerboyz.com are designers of over 30 logo designs. Our main mission is to promote www.ninerboyz.com worldwide like Nike. The Z is our trademark or our thing per se. For years the name is been around every since the early 70's but no one has pick up on it. It has like many things come from the streets. As Snoop Dog and Dr. Dre would say," It's nothing but a Z thang baby!. We are located in San Francisco a city to busy to hate and ready to take ninerboyz to the next level. We are looking to partnership with someone who can provide financial help. All that is needed now is a AnaJet MPower Digital printer ( www.anajet.com), including accessories and relevant expenses, will cost $100,00 USD. 

We work from our home office so that we can save on rent. We recently saw on channel 5 KPIX all the millionaires that live in different parts of the city. We might be living next to one and don't know it. Our goal is to have a ninerboyz store at a stadium in the near future.

You are your best investment. The best way to earn income in today's world is to invest or reinvest in your own business. As you can see we want to invest in our own ideas. It's only human that we strive to reach a level of success where money is plentiful and there's time to relax and enjoy it, but at this time in our business life we have to invest both our time and money in furthering our business interests. That is why for us there is no logic to invest in someone's business. When yourself is on the line, it pays to invest in yourself. If there is money on the line, then invest your time. Everyday we eat, live, and sleep ninerboyz, our return is worth it.

One of the reasons we need to partner with likeminded people is we don't know everything so we need a network of supporting players which is an essential part of the framework of any business (ninerboyz) empire. There is no question knowledge is power and we don't know everything. We are no different in that regard because, as focused as we are learning the nuts and bolts of this business, we still rely on others to get it done because of their skill and insight in the business. 

We have also noticed successful people tend to run in packs! And also noticed the basic characteristics of most entrepreneurs are similar no matter what business they're in, and the more you network with others, the better prepared you will be in every possible situation. As you see, business connections matter. To all of you (hidden) millionaires we would like to discuss a potential partnership between our company and you. 

We would like a commitment from you before we’re willing to work with you. We call it BRAINSTORMING and if you are ready to give it a shot, sitting down at the conference table, let's do what the singer Marvin Gaye sings in that song, "Let's get it on". We are very nice, genuine and approachable people when we talk and interact with others. Each day when we wake up, our goal is to continue to stay motivated, be excited, work hard and live with an eye toward FINANCIAL SECURITY. 

With your help we can do this!